Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A message from our Board President, Joe Nierman, about reaching 15 years of mentoring

As board president of Trusted Mentors, I am so proud of the work we have done in the last 15 years. We have made a significant impact in the communities we serve, and none of it would be possible without our dedicated staff, mentors, board members, and volunteers. I also want to recognize all the local businesses, foundations, and individuals that have supported us financially. This has been a collective effort. Over the past 15 years, Trusted Mentors has seen a positive change in Indianapolis and communities all over the state. The greatest beneficiaries are the mentees who have made the decision to change their lives and have allowed Trusted Mentors to participate in their personal transformation. 

Thank you all for the hard work, sacrifice, generosity, and tenacity it takes to truly make change a reality.  Joe Nierman 

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