Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recognizing Accomplishments

Trusted Mentors celebrated Recognition Night on October 26. We had a wonderful meal, supplied by Knights of Columbus, a delightful speaker, and enjoyed hearing the accomplishments of mentees over the last few months.

Linda shared the story of Sharrone, her mentee. In recent months, Sharrone has excelled in advancing her goals. She has re-established her nursing license, reduced debt, received job offers in the nursing field, and shared her story at the annual Bags 2 Riches Gala!

Sharrone has put her life on a great path and has set herself up for success! Congratulations, Sharrone! Keep up the good work--it's inspiring!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fountain Square "Scare in the Square"

Trusted Mentors is located in the beautiful neighborhood of Fountain Square and we encourage you to bring your kids to Fountain Square on Halloween! Over 400 kids will converge on the Square on October 31 for trick-or-treating and "Scare in the Square" To learn more visit

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scary Thought for Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner! It's a time of season for scary stories, scary costumes, and scary movies! But here is a scary statistic that rings true during all seasons:

45,000 families in Central Indiana are one paycheck away from becoming homeless! That is frightening!

Trusted Mentors is working to help some of those families by providing them with mentors that are there to be supportive as they strive to avoid the vicious cycle of homelessness.

Mentor Training at IUL

Hi Everyone!

On Monday night Trusted Mentors held a training and info seminar at Indianapolis Urban League. We had a great space provided by IUL. Thanks, Kevin and Pambana! We also had a great turnout! You can join us next week, Monday, October 19 from 5:30-7:30 at IUL for Part B of our two part training series.

Come learn about the populations that Trusted Mentors serves and what you can do to help individuals at-risk of becoming homeless. Pass the word along!

To learn more call Bryan @ 317-985-5041 or email