Thursday, December 26, 2019

Empowerment Luncheon 2020 Speaker Announced!


Wednesday, March 4, 2020
Registration - 11am | Lunch - 11:30am
NCAA National Office
700 W. Washington, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Trusted Mentors annual Empowerment Luncheon highlights an Indianapolis leader whose self-determination leaves an impact on our community.

Our 2020 speaker will be Carolyn Mosby, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council.  She will engage, inform and amuse the audience!

Carolyn E. Mosby is an author, executive and public speaker with more than 28 years' experience in the entertainment industry, corporate America, government and non-profit arenas. As a consultant Mosby represented numerous public figures, politicians, athletes, actors and entertainers, corporations and not-for-profit organizations, advising them on public relations, crisis communications, marketing, governmental and community affairs. In her role as publicist for one of the nation's largest African American cultural events, she's coordinated publicity for numerous celebrity guests.

Learn how mentors enable success at all levels and then see who receives the Trusted Mentors LIFT AWARD, which recognizes those who LIFT themselves to new heights! Be there to recognize 2 Trusted Mentors mentees and one community recipient.

Early Bird Tickets are $50 before January 31.

Corporate tables are available.
Contact Trusted Mentors at 317-985-5041.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday, November 15, 2019

We had a powerful Recognition Night!

We hold large group gatherings for food, information and sharing. Here are a few of the achievements that we recognized:

Ashlee for “for working hard to provide for her family” Brent “for doing more to facilitate your successful "Re-Entry" after incarceration than anyone I personally know.” Jamie “for preparing to go home (from work release) and having a plan of action to remain housed and employed.” Arlonzo “for spiritual and emotional growth; Job search with great success; Educational planning and strategizing; The re-start at community school with the intent to finish college degree.” Jon “for reaching many of his one year goals (in six months!). Has maintained a full time job and done many things to help his aged uncle. Even when job did not work out like he expected, he worked on other jobs. He has maintained a great attitude.’’ Steven “for achieving full time employment over the few months of mentorship, and he's maintained an optimistic and positive outlook throughout!” Darion “for being taken off of house arrest and starting electrician school soon.”

Mickey: "Mickey has been employed for more than a year with Mission 27. He has moved into a new apartment and purchased a new car. Mickey has achieved his goals in everything that he has been giving. Mickey can achieve anything that he wants."


Monday, October 7, 2019

Why I Mentor

Kristina Moorhead is Vice President of the Trusted Mentors Board and also a mentor. She shared this message at the Trusted Mentors Gala.

Some of us are fortunate to have the resources like a stable family and good education from birth, and others struggle to along life’s path trying to understand and attain what so many of us take for granted. The good news for those who may have struggled along the way is that it’s never too late to choose a different path and make a different choice.

I chose to become a volunteer mentor with Trusted Mentors because I believe that the one-to-one relationship with an adult leaving prison, transitioning from homelessness or aging out of the foster care system is a small, but powerful, way to change the world.
I was paired with my mentee, Marquisha, who recently left the Craine House work release program after being incarcerated. While incarcerated, she made the decision that she was done with how she had been living her life and was ready to make a change. She started by completing her GED in prison and continued to take CNA classes while she was living at Craine House and working full time. She now works in a nursing home and is continuing her studies to become a registered nurse.

She has done all of this while working to re-establish relationships with her children and using herself as a role model to guide them to make better choices.

In our mentor-mentee relationship, we have worked together to think through a one year, five year and 10-year plan to reach her goals, we’ve talked about needing a solid tribe of girl friends who are on the same life path as you to both lift you up and hold you accountable, and we’ve talked about how to manage grief when someone you love passes away.

While I’m the mentor in this relationship, Marquisha constantly inspires me with her motivation and grit to change her life, change her children’s lives and be a positive force of energy in her community.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

This year Trusted Mentors is Celebrating our 15 year anniversary!

Recently, we asked Elizabeth, one of our early mentees, share her experience with her trusted mentor, and how having a mentor made a difference. Here is her story:
Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I came to Trusted Mentors at a time in my life when I was struggling with so many things. Trusted Mentors surrounded me with people who cared about my well-being. They helped me with housing, among other things. I was connected to three mentors during my time with Trusted Mentors, they were all nice women. But there was one in particular who showed me how to be me. The mentor who helped me to truly believe in myself again was Jennifer, she really inspired me, and was always there to talk. To this day, we are still in contact. Trusted Mentors allowed me to experience different things, which I might not have been interested in otherwise. More than they may know, Trusted Mentors was a lifesaver for me.

It took some time, but I got it together. Today I am married and happy. Trusted Mentors played a big role in getting me to where my life is today.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A message from our Board President, Joe Nierman, about reaching 15 years of mentoring

As board president of Trusted Mentors, I am so proud of the work we have done in the last 15 years. We have made a significant impact in the communities we serve, and none of it would be possible without our dedicated staff, mentors, board members, and volunteers. I also want to recognize all the local businesses, foundations, and individuals that have supported us financially. This has been a collective effort. Over the past 15 years, Trusted Mentors has seen a positive change in Indianapolis and communities all over the state. The greatest beneficiaries are the mentees who have made the decision to change their lives and have allowed Trusted Mentors to participate in their personal transformation. 

Thank you all for the hard work, sacrifice, generosity, and tenacity it takes to truly make change a reality.  Joe Nierman 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

The value of mentoring! Our success rate in 2018. 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Anthony and Mike have found much to enjoy in their mentor match!

Mike is a 50-year-old pharmacy director. Anthony just graduated from the St. Vincent de Paul Changing Lives Class. Last August, Mike was matched with Anthony for a mentoring relationship.  Mike says he became a mentor because he “hoped to serve as a light in someone’s darkness.” He continues, “By doing this, I will be repaying all those who mentored me.”

Anthony recently immigrated from Nigeria, where he had only an 8th-grade education and was without a job. Anthony had three goals: to go back to school, attain employment, and meet people in his new country. So many new things caused Anthony great anxiety, to the point that he didn’t know how to move forward.

But, in the 10 months since Anthony and Mike have been matched, Anthony has exceeded his own expectations. With Mike’s support and encouragement, Anthony has found stable housing and a full-time job working as a home health aide. Anthony works long night shifts but still manages to attend school at the Excel Center, where he has perfect attendance and is at the top of his class. He is a faithful member of his church, which he attends three nights a week.

Anthony and Mike enjoy their friendship and have even exchanged cultural knowledge. Anthony is a lover of soccer, which is the most popular sport in Nigeria. Recently they went to an Indy Eleven soccer game where, to Mike’s enjoyment, Anthony taught him all about the sport. They hope to attend every sporting event that Indy offers. Likewise, Mike took Anthony on a tour of the governor's office state capitol building, where Anthony got to learn about Indiana’s government, even getting a chance to sit at the governor’s own desk.

Mike often says how much he enjoys mentoring, and Anthony always talks about how the two are a  perfect match.

Do you want to become a mentor?  Everyone we mentor is 18 and older. They are participating in homeless prevention or re-entry programs and desire a mentor. An initial 4-hour training and on-going support is provided. Mentors commit to 6 hours each month for a year to help another person achieve their goals. 

Fill out our volunteer application and we'll provide more information about training dates!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

How do I become a mentor?

People become mentors for different reasons. Some want to make a difference, build a personal relationship, or leave a legacy. 

As you learn about mentoring at-risk adults, know that mentoring can change you as much as your mentee. Our mentors learn as much as their mentee.  It’s a great adventure and one worth beginning.  

Our overall goal for Mentor Training is for mentors to be successful, and mentor training has been an important tool in Trusted Mentors’ rate of success.

The goals of Trusted Mentors Training is to: 
·         Help you make an informed decision about becoming a mentor. 
·         Explain the Trusted Mentors model.  
·         Explain how to be a successful mentor. 
·         Provide tools for building a relationship with the mentee. 
·         Present an overview of accessing social service resources useful to you and your mentee. 

Training is 4 hours long and held monthly in 2 hour sessions called Part A and Part B. 
Either part can be completed first. 
·         Part A (Chapters 1-4) covers the elements of successful mentoring and Trusted Mentors program policies to help you succeed. 
·         Part B (Chapters 5-8) covers “frame of reference,” obstacles to success, and tools to help another person achieve their goals. 

After completing training, a one on one interview is held with a staff person. This allows mentors to know staff and also helps staff make a good match. Mentors then commit to give 6 hours a month for a year to work one on one with another adult working to change their life.

The good news is that after a match, mentors receive on-going support with a staff person.  As Louise says, this person can be the wind beneath your wings!

Are you ready to sign up?  Complete a volunteer form and you’ll receive information about upcoming training sessions!