Friday, November 15, 2019

We had a powerful Recognition Night!

We hold large group gatherings for food, information and sharing. Here are a few of the achievements that we recognized:

Ashlee for “for working hard to provide for her family” Brent “for doing more to facilitate your successful "Re-Entry" after incarceration than anyone I personally know.” Jamie “for preparing to go home (from work release) and having a plan of action to remain housed and employed.” Arlonzo “for spiritual and emotional growth; Job search with great success; Educational planning and strategizing; The re-start at community school with the intent to finish college degree.” Jon “for reaching many of his one year goals (in six months!). Has maintained a full time job and done many things to help his aged uncle. Even when job did not work out like he expected, he worked on other jobs. He has maintained a great attitude.’’ Steven “for achieving full time employment over the few months of mentorship, and he's maintained an optimistic and positive outlook throughout!” Darion “for being taken off of house arrest and starting electrician school soon.”

Mickey: "Mickey has been employed for more than a year with Mission 27. He has moved into a new apartment and purchased a new car. Mickey has achieved his goals in everything that he has been giving. Mickey can achieve anything that he wants."


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