Wednesday, March 20, 2019

How do I become a mentor?

People become mentors for different reasons. Some want to make a difference, build a personal relationship, or leave a legacy. 

As you learn about mentoring at-risk adults, know that mentoring can change you as much as your mentee. Our mentors learn as much as their mentee.  It’s a great adventure and one worth beginning.  

Our overall goal for Mentor Training is for mentors to be successful, and mentor training has been an important tool in Trusted Mentors’ rate of success.

The goals of Trusted Mentors Training is to: 
·         Help you make an informed decision about becoming a mentor. 
·         Explain the Trusted Mentors model.  
·         Explain how to be a successful mentor. 
·         Provide tools for building a relationship with the mentee. 
·         Present an overview of accessing social service resources useful to you and your mentee. 

Training is 4 hours long and held monthly in 2 hour sessions called Part A and Part B. 
Either part can be completed first. 
·         Part A (Chapters 1-4) covers the elements of successful mentoring and Trusted Mentors program policies to help you succeed. 
·         Part B (Chapters 5-8) covers “frame of reference,” obstacles to success, and tools to help another person achieve their goals. 

After completing training, a one on one interview is held with a staff person. This allows mentors to know staff and also helps staff make a good match. Mentors then commit to give 6 hours a month for a year to work one on one with another adult working to change their life.

The good news is that after a match, mentors receive on-going support with a staff person.  As Louise says, this person can be the wind beneath your wings!

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