Monday, January 13, 2020

The Incredible Service of Trusted Mentors!

I am thrilled to get the opportunity to describe the incredible service that Trusted Mentors provides to our community.  As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) since 2009 and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor (LCAC) since 2011, I have been consistently referring for all of their 15 years and have never been disappointed.  Jeri Warner used to be a one woman show.  She has successfully developed her program and staff to sustain that individualized person-centered approach.   Her staff is engaging and receptive throughout the process of mentorship.  They find strong mentors and do an exceptional job of linking mentors and mentees.  They are strengths-based and future-focused, taking on people in all stages of life, regardless of diversity factors.

Menteeship allows adults to build healthy relationships with safe peers.  This sounds simple, but is too often rare.  Individuals who have struggled with a serious mental health issue, an addiction history, legal issues, homelessness, trauma/abuse issues, limited educational opportunities, dysfunctional family or friends; or any combination have additional barriers to stable and mutual relationships.  In addition to having fun and trying new things, mentees will likely build skills in the areas of boundary setting, improved communication skills, and an overall increased empowerment through the consistent support and encouragement of being a mentee.

Mentorship allows a personal portal to a life likely different than yours, exposing you to life experience and diversity quite different than your own.  An opportunity for a greater understanding and empathy, while giving back and building up our community from the inside.  This relationship builds skills in active listening, engagement, managing differences in opinion, boundaries, and the necessity of self-care.

It is rare that a service can provide such differing benefits to both sides, but Trusted Mentors does.  My only wish for them is increased support and growth, as this resource is priceless to our community.  

Stephanie DeMaris