Tuesday, July 28, 2020

On occasion, we like to share how our mentees have succeeded after their relationship ended.

In 2015, Tonya was introduced to Sipho and Sipho's young son, Leroy. Immigrants from Zimbabwe, they were waiting at the Salvation Army Shelter for documentation.

Sipho had experienced violence and trauma in both her home country and the refugee camps. Tonya and Sipho both remember Sipho’s tears, shared during their time together. And they remember the accomplishments, such as a degree from Ivy Tech in dental hygiene. Tonya and Sipho were matched for two years, then Tonya started mentoring other women. Since then, Tonya has stepped up to act as a lead mentor for other mentors.

Recently, Sipho reached out to Tonya to share her excitement that she’s now employed, married, and her son graduated from high school! Because Tonya is a realtor, Sipho and her husband wanted to know more about how to purchase a home in the future. Tonya was again able to steer her friend towards resources that can help her prepare her finances.

And Sipho shared that she doesn’t cry anymore like when they first met each other.  Her life is stable and happy, and she has hope for the future. We wish her and Leroy great success in the future!