Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Our 5th Anniversary and Thank a Mentor Day was cancelled, so we'll share our message on the blog. Thank you to all the mentors, present and past, who helped us reached this important milestone.! It's your commitment that makes the difference.

We celebrate our new name ... "Trusted Mentors"

Our name says what we do.... we mentor

We celebrate our new tagline: Trusted Mentors.. stabilizing lives, preventing homelessness tells more about what we do. We work with 12 different agencies, with a wide variety of people. Not everyone has been homeless, but for some it is a reality and for others it is a risk to be faced.

Trusted Mentors has been awarded a City Crime Prevention Grant. Not everyone we mentor has been in prison, but for some it isa reality and for others it is a risk to be faced.

At Trusted Mentors, we come together to stabilize lives....

to learn from each other...

to build strengths ... so that the risk of homelessness is decreased and the risk of being in the criminal justice system is lessened ....

so that the ability to live independent, self-sufficient lives is realized to the best of our abilities.


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