Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Success Story

In June 2009 Sandy, an ex-offender, was referred to Trusted Mentors from a local agency working to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women in our community. When Sandy was referred she was employed full-time and working toward her goal of owning her own business.

Days after her referral, she was matched with her mentor, Teresa, a local small business owner. Teresa has offered her insights and experiences as a small business owner to help Sandy develop a business plan; she has also been there for Sandy as she works to rebuild her life after incarceration. Sandy says that Teresa has helped her remain positive and focused on the future.

Facing poverty, unemployment, and a criminal record, Sandy could have given up. Instead, through focus, hard work, a positive attitude, and the insights of a mentor, she has set herself up for success.

Great Job, Sandy! And Thank You, Teresa!

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