Wednesday, March 17, 2010

State Prison Population on the Rise

The Indiana State Prison population rose 5.3% last year, while the national average dipped by 0.4%, the first time since 1972. Indiana's violent crime rate has fallen, but the prison population has continued to swell more than 4% each year. The findings are outlined in the March 17 edition of the Indianapolis Star.

Today, just under 30,000 people are incarcerated in Indiana. Most of them will return home and they will need assistance turning their life around. Over 5,000 ex-offenders will return to Marion County this year. Trusted Mentors is helping by providing these men and women with mentors who can listen, encourage and guide as they begin a new journey.

To read the Indianapolis Star article, click here. If you have an interest in mentoring an ex-offender, please contact Bryan at 317-985-5041.

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