Monday, November 26, 2018

Cold. Alone. Tired.

Imagine being 61 and homeless, living on the streets during the winters of Indianapolis, with a speech impediment that limits communication.  You can help us help people stay housed! 

Matt had been chronically homeless when we met him. Giving up old behaviors was hard. His first mentor, Mike, developed a good friendship with Matt in spite of the difficult communication. They met regularly for coffee.

And Matt stayed housed.

When Mike became sick, Matt visited him to show he cared. Due to health, Matt was matched with a new mentor, Lance. When Mike passed away, Lance and Matt attended his funeral together. Now, they also meet regularly for coffee. They attend church together and celebrate Thanksgiving at Lance’s home.

And Matt stays housed.

He’s well-liked by the people in his apartment complex and volunteers regularly. Recently, Matt became sick. Lance visited him in the hospital and followed up when he returned home. Matt doesn’t have an extended family to support and encourage him to stay healthy, so Lance is important. He is a mentor and friend.

At Trusted Mentors, everyone we mentor is 18 and older. They are at risk of homelessness or returning from prison. And 30% of the people we mentor are over the age of 50.

A mentor can assist in many ways. We don’t always know how they will make an impact but the key is to first build a caring relationship. We know that Trusted Mentors means a lot to Matt, and Matt means a lot to us. We think it saves money for our community when people remain housed and give back to the community.

The estimated annual cost of homelessness in Indianapolis is $73 million dollars. Homelessness is a drain on our health care services. It impacts the criminal justice system. Helping people stay housed is important to reducing the cost of homelessness.

Trusted Mentors is doing what no one else is doing. With a direct impact in the community. With a 90% success rate, mentors make a difference.

Your financial support has a direct impact on the people we mentor. Every dollar donated assists us in matching and supporting trained, volunteer mentors that help more people stay housed and out of prison. Thank you for your generous support! Donate on-line or donations can be mailed to our offices: Trusted Mentors, 546 E. 17th St, Suite 102, Indianapolis, IN 46202.

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