Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Fresh Start Restart, June 1-15!!

Trusted Mentors is excited to present our virtual fundraiser, Fresh Start - Restart!!  We challenge you to a virtual Fresh Start - Restart!!  After a long past year, it's a great time to refresh ourselves - our outlook, our fitness, our mindset, or any part of our lives that may need rejuvenation!  And the best part is you know that you're helping other adults stay housed and out of prison! 

How will you restart?  Do you want to walk or run your own 5k? Or maybe you want to bike for miles and miles? Do you want your entire Zumba class to restart with you?   

 You set your restart goal and do it!! And then invite others to support your effort to help other people restart their lives through the power of mentoring.  

Fresh Start - Restart!! is the perfect event for individuals or families looking to be active outdoors, enjoying their restart out of our homes. From June 1-15, participants can decide on their method to support Trusted Mentors whenever and however is best for you and your family.   

Set a goal to restart and add your fundraising goal!   Take photos and post them!  #freshstartrestart #trustedmentors 

Click here for more information! 

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